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Music Interview: DJ Wool + Berlin


Glen Brady, aka DJ Wool, is a DJ and Music Producer, co founder of Berlin based label We Collect Enemies and a founding member of Indie Dance duo The Glass with Dominique Keegan of Plant Records (co-owned by Hip hop pioneer Stretch Armstrong). A Dublin native and Berlin transplant via Brooklyn (did you get all that?) Brady has been tearing-up ... Read More »

Chronicles: Marie’s Crisis Cafe

Photo copyright 2008 by Ronald Spainhour: www.mygothamphotos.com

Nestled in the tree lined Grove Street, in Greenwich Village, there is sits a white brick building with red trim. It stands out on the street full of mid-19th century townhouses not just because of its old fashioned sign and garish paint, but because late into the evenings, on any given night, the sounds of Broadway tunes can be heard ... Read More »

News: World Cup Captured on Canvas

  The World Cup is gearing-up this year to be quite the spectacle, with North Korea hiring actors as fans and the constant drone of the vuvuzelas driving people mad, but at the Sandton Convention Centre, in Sandton, South Africa, a different kind of spectacle is happening. To help celebrate the World Cup, Adidas has set-up their official World Cup ... Read More »

Extended Travel: Bath, UK

c Museyon

An hour and a half away from the busyness of London, nestled into the quaint English countryside, amongst rolling green hills, is a city lost in time. A city where one can still “take the waters” at Roman baths, visit the home of Jane Austen or eat a bun invented in 1680 straight from the kitchen where it originated.   ... Read More »

News: Caravaggio Found!

caravaggio self portrait

For the past few months, we’ve been closely following the saga unfolding in Porto Ecrole, Italy as scientists test the remains of whom they believe may be the long dead Caravaggio; bones tossed into an ossuary in the 1950s after being dug-up from the cemetery of San Sebastiano.   In 2001, an Italian researcher came across a document he believed ... Read More »

Chronicles: Pete’s Tavern

Pete's Tavern

  “I sold the watch to get the money to buy your combs.”  And so ends the famed holiday tale, ‘The Gift of The Magi,’ the story of a husband and wife so in love, they sell their most prized possessions to buy each other a gift for Christmas, unknowingly buying gifts to complement the exact thing that the other ... Read More »

2 Days In: Århus, Denmark

Århus by night

Århus, Denmark is a city full of dichotomy. It is both the oldest city in Scandinavia (dating back before 770 AD) and the one with the youngest population (due in part to the large and popular Århus University); a city that is building for the future without forgetting its past. As the second largest city in Denmark, Århus is often ... Read More »

News: Glory of Ukraine Opening at MOBIA


Last night we were lucky enough to attend the opening of the new exhibit, The Glory Ukraine at the Museum of Biblical Art here in New York City. The exhibition is indeed glorious, presenting sacred images from the 11th to 19th centuries including many ceremonial objects such as an intricately sewn robe and highly ornamented Bibles. On view until September ... Read More »

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