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Winin’ and Dinin’ Spanish Style


In Museyon Guides Film + Travel we traverse Spain, from the deserts of Andalusia to the plains of La Mancha, stopping to see all the sights in between. Frankly, all that travel works up an appetite, and a thirst.


Man cannot live on film alone and thankfully, Spain does not disappoint when it comes to food and drink. The nation produces some of the world’s finest wines, including one of our favorites — Rioja. Fresh from northern-central Spain’s La Rioja province, these wines are bold blends, ranging from the classic Crianza (aged 12-18 months) to the deep, oak-aged Gran Reserva (aged 24-36 months).

The area is home to some 150,000 acres of vine and close to 600 wineries which produce a variety of varietals and a bunch of blends. Rioja wines often get their distinct flavor from the Tempranillo grape, Spain’s most widely planted, or “noble” grape. Tempranillo grapes produce deep red wines that gain complex flavors when aged in oak barrels — picking up notes like vanilla, tobacco, plum and berries, just to name a few. To spot one in the store just look for the DOCa (Denominación de Origen Calificada) seal to know you’re getting the real deal.  

Want to taste Rioja for yourself? Come to Museyon’s mega launch party this Wednesday at Idlewild Books, and sip, sample and celebrate. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, head to La Rioja yourself for the Haro Wine Festival and the annual Batalla de Vino — a battle where squirt guns are weapons and wine is the ammo — coming up on June 29. To learn more about La Rioja and its wines visit Vibrant Rioja. Salud!

image source Toprural @ Flickr.com 

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