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Where oh where? On wowOwow!

It’s a very happy Friday here at Museyon HQ. Why’s that? The lovely ladies at Women on the Web are talkin’ Film + Travel! The site is run by some of the coolest women in media — think Whoopi Goldberg, Candice Bergen, Lily Tomlin, Lesley Stahl and Liz Smith — and today it features a photo essay of locations from our Film ... Read More »

Philadelphia on Philm

Some directors are synonymous with a certain city — in Film + Travel, our guides show you Woody Allen’s Manhattan and Pedro Almodóvar’s Madrid, plus the Alfred Hitchcock double whammy of London and San Francisco. Another director known for his ties to a town is M. Night Shyamalan. His city? Philadelphia.  Shyamalan was born in India and raised just outside ... Read More »

Where in the World?

Bright sun, sea and the promise of general leisure draw tourists to this European isle. Film directors — including two in the 1990s — have also discovered its charms. Can you name this telegenic town and the films in which it stars? Answers after the jump… Read More »

Find It, Snap It, Post It

Ever wonder where you can find that bar from Cheers? What about the Winslow’s house from Family Matters? Well you can find all that and more at Where It’s At. The site maps out iconic pop culture locations, from Neverland Ranch to the Marcy Houses, Jay-Z’s childhood home, as well as familiar sites from TV, movies and music. The site ... Read More »

Where the Movies Really Are

Check out the August issue of the always awesome Travel + Leisure for a guide to where your favorite movies are actually filmed. Author  Darrell Hartman gives a big shout-out to Museyon Guides, with five movies filmed in surprising locations. That scene with this post … it doesn’t get more iconically Wild West than that, right? Wrong. It’s actually Almeria, Spain, cinematic backdrop ... Read More »

Box Office Grudge Match (Potter vs. Summer Edition)

It’s humpday. Pat yourself on the back — you’ve made it halfway to the weekend. With that in mind, it’s not too early to start planning a little weekend fun. What about a trip to the movies? Here, we look at this week’s new releases and review them based solely on their trailers. We do the work, now it’s up ... Read More »

Cinema Under the Stars

When summer rolls around, there’s nothing better than sitting under the stars and watching a movie. Well, almost nothing. You’ll definitely get bonus points for bringing a picnic basket, a bottle of wine and some good friends. We looked around our hometown and more to find where you can see some outdoor screenings this summer. Read More »

Press Clippings (in which someone calls us handsome)

It’s been a big week for Museyon on the web. First, we got a shout from Publishers Weekly. Lynn Andriani writes that Museyon Guides “frame tourist traps and hidden neighborhoods alike through the lens of movies, art and music.” She also talks about our ties to Japanese guidebooks, which Museyon editor-in-chief Anne Ishii says are “more delicate, more tactile and cover more range” ... Read More »

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