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Avatar and the changing face of Animation

It’s the most expensive movie ever made. James Cameron’s 3-D animated extravaganza, ‘Avatar’. The sci-fi flick–which tells the story of an injured U.S. Marine (Sam Worthington) who travels to a distant moon called Pandora in hopes of regaining use of his legs–cost over $300 million to make, which means to make its money back this has to be one big ... Read More »

‘2012’ Destroys the Box Office, the World

This weekend, disaster-porn blockbuster ‘2012‘ destroyed the box office. To the tune of $225 million worldwide. And as we picked up last month, the film also manages to destroy some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Check out our play-by-play of the film’s trailer to see what iconic world monuments won’t make it to 2013. If you’ve already seen the ... Read More »

The Verdict

Say goodbye to summer. After all, it’s almost Labor Day. In honor of this year’s record-setting $4.26 billion blockbuster season, USA Today has a report card on this summer’s movies. With all this year’s hits stacked at the beginning of the summer, let’s just say this weekend might not be the best time to hit the theater for one last ... Read More »

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