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Spotlight On: Fraunces Tavern

Washington Farewell to Officers Fraunces
Built in 1719, Fraunces Tavern was originally an elegant home for the merchant Stephan DeLancy and his family. But when tavern-keepe, Samuel Fraunces bought the building in 1762 and christened it with his name, the building became transformed into one of the most popular taverns in the area. Located on the corner of Pearl and Broad streets, the tavern played a large role in pre-Revolutionary War activities, including housing the Sons of Liberty. However, this historical tavern is most famous for hosting a festive dinner on December 4, 1783, after the British troops evacuated New York, where George Washington gave his farewell address to the officers of the Continental Army. Once America began to move on from the war, New York became the nation’s capital and chose the Fraunces Tavern to host the offices of the Departments of War, Treasury and Foreign Affairs, though they were vacated once the capital moved to Philadelphia in 1790.
After suffering multiple fires in the 19th century, the original design of the historic building was swept away by the flames. Almost demolished in 1900 to be turned into a parking lot, the Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York bought the building in 1904 and returned it to its original colonial appearance and glory. Serving as the office for the Sons of the Revolution until 2002, the building is now a tavern, restaurant and museum. Where else can you get a burger, beer, and a taste of real American Revolutionary history? If Fraunces Tavern was good enough for George Washington, shouldn’t that be enough to at least warrant a visit? — Nicole Ellul
Fraunces Tavern
54 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10004

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