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The Secret Forest Friends

Forest Friends Series, Book 2
By Kyoko Hara & Kazue Takahashi

Summer arrives, and once again Mayu goes to the forest near her grandparents’ house. The mailbox is still there. Mayu and Konta, a fox child, write letters to each other and explore the forest together. Mayu keeps this mysterious forest friend a secret.

But one day while they are playing in the forest, something unfortunate happens to her. For the first time in his life, Konta decides to leave the forest to get help for Mayu . . .

unexpected friendship. Takahashi’s illustrations switch between full color and grayscale, adding playfulness and whimsy.

About the Author
Kyoko Hara was born in Tokyo and graduated from Wako University with a degree in art. In 1978 she won the Kodansha Children’s Literature Prize in the KFS Contest. Among her many titles are Haru ni aeta yo (We Met Spring) and Kuma no Bear to chiisana Tatan (Kuma the Bear and Tiny Tatan) series. When she was a child, she wanted to become a fashion designer and did not like writing at all.

About the Illustrator
Kazue Takahashi made her debut as a picture-book author with the acclaimed Kuma-Kuma Chan, The Little Bear in 2001. Her picture books include Risu denwa (The Squirrel Telephone System) and Tell Me a Story, Story, Please (with Kyoko Hara). Takahashi’s illustrations embody kawaii—the quality of being cute and adorable, which is prominent in Japanese popular culture.

The Secret Forest Friends
by Kyoko Hara & Kozue Takahashi
ISBN: 978-1-940842-64-6
Juvenile Fiction
Age 4-8
82 pages, 42 color & B/W illustrations
6 x 7 3/4 inches
US$14.99 CAN$19.99
On Sale: July 2022
Distributed by IPG

Book 1: The Mailbox in the Forest
Book 2: The Secret Forest Friends
Book 3: Tell Me a Story, Please

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