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Scouting (a Lost) New York: ‘Taxi Driver’

Times Square through Travis Bickle's Rearview Mirror, 1976; Times Square Today

A while back, we went back in time — to the New York City of Travis Bickle, the deranged veteran in ‘Taxi Driver’. We we’re saddened (but not surprised) to see how little of Bickle’s New York still existed, so we certainly were excited to see the latest post over at Scouting New York, one of our favorite film blogs. In the second installment of his ‘New York You’ve Changed’ series, location scout Nick Carr revisits many of the major locations from ‘Taxi Driver,’ documenting how different they are today. And as he points out, it’s kind of depressing. Catch part 2 on Scouting NY this Wednesday.

image by Nick Carr

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