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Pack Your Bags and Put on Your Walking Shoes! “Art + Travel” Hits The Shelves Today

We’ve been touting the upcoming release of our new title, “Art + Travel Europe: Step Into the Lives of Five Famous Painters”, for weeks now. Finally, this unique volume of historical backgrounds, local walking tours, museum reviews, and handy lists of fine eateries and accommodations has been released. At last, world travelers can pick up our trim, portable guidebook and walk through the lives of Goya, Vermeer, Munch, Caravaggio, and Van Gogh and follow their footsteps through the towns that housed them and, quite often, served as their subjects and muses.

If you’ve ever wanted to walk through a sunflower patch that might have been painted by Van Gogh over a century ago, watch the delicate light of Delft, which Vermeer so famously recreated, pour down on its ancient port, or walk the alleys where Caravaggio sought out the waifs and roughs that populated his paintings, everything you need is waiting for you in our latest title. Madrid may be a bustling, exciting modern city—but its curious royal roots pop up from the pavement when you walk its streets pursuing the life of Goya as detailed in “Art +Travel”. Even the beautiful, somber Oslo receives an injection of 20th-Century daring and sex through retracing the paths of its resident master, Edvard Munch.
But “Art + Travel”, with all its details on the lives of these painters, all its surveys of local culture, all its lists of nearby places to enjoy food, spirits, and sleep, is so much more than an account of five artists in five cities. “Art + Travel” is a companion guide to anyone inspired, fascinated, or moved by art—one whose treasures can be enjoyed from the streets of Rome, from a seat in Business Class, or the comfort of your own bedroom. Order now or head out to your local bookseller for the journey of a lifetime.
Top (clockwise from upper left): A field of sunflowers a la Van Gogh in Arles, the exterior of the Prado Museum in Madrid, “The Milkmaid”, Joannes Vermeer, 1657 – 58, on display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, courtesy of the Rijksmuseum, the exterior of the Munch Museum in Oslo.
Bottom: The courtyard of the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

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