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News: James Franco + MONA

A Museum you can’t visit and art you can’t see is the latest project from actor and academic, James Franco. An endeavor otherwise known as MONA- the Museum of Non-Visible Art. The museum ‘displays’ non-visual ideas, descriptions of art never made. There is no physical space for the museum, it exists in the minds of the people who have heard it described. According to Franco, the concept is based on a story by William Faulker called Red Leaves, a story which James Franco imagined making a film about.
To ‘fund’ the project, the art collective Praxis, which collaborated with Franco for the museum, has set-up a Kickstarter which is selling the art concepts. It is unknown what backers of the project will get in return but it is presumed that it will at least be a notecard describing their newly purchased piece of invisible art, signed by Franco. The project has 75 more days to collect funding.

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