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News: Chuck Close Taxi Exhibition


New Yorkers may be wondering what why the top of their cabs have suddenly changed from brash advertisements to in your face, black and white photography. Well that would be the work of artst Chuck Close, whose photographs featuring huge eyes and lips will be zooming across the city in lieu of traditional ads for a month.
The initiative was started by Art Production Fun and the space donated by Show Media. The mont-long moving exhibition will be showcased atop 500 taxis. In addition to Chuck Close, the work of Kehinde Wiley will also be on display.

Close, 70, who lives in NoHo, was thrilled to see his photographs atop cabs in Times Square Monday.
“I think it looks pretty cool. Eyes floating down the street,” he said. “You’re not even sure what you’re looking at. I hope it piques their curiosity: Why is it there?” – New York Daily News

This is the second year for the taxi cab exhibition. Last year featured work from Yoko Ono, Shirin Neshat and Alex Katz.

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