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Music + Travel… On a Boat?

You love music, you love travel but what about travelling with music? No, we’re not talking about stocking-up your ipod for the plane, we’re talking about Sixthman’s series of rock ‘n’ roll cruises. Imagine all the relaxation (read: laziness) of a regular cruise but instead of being stuck with a half-rate Broadway review and hack comedian as your evening’s entertainment each night, you are treated to concerts by some of your favorite rock bands- bands whom you not only get to see at night but also roaming the ship as they travel with you around the Caribbean.
This year, Sixthman has a variety of five different rock cruises to choose from including VH1’s Best Cruise Ever which embarks this Thursday from Tampa and is headed to Grand Cayman with bands such as 3 Doors Down, Finger Eleven and Lifehouse in tow. If VH1 rock isn’t your thing, then there’s always The Elvis Cruise, Malt Shop Memories or the slightly dangerous sounding Kid Rock Cruise which promises to “rock the boat from coast to coast with around the clock concerts from choice artists and DJs, parties, activities, contests, and everything that makes this party Kid Rock’s party.” It’s not entirely clear on what that means but four days on a boat with Kid Rock will definitely be a story for the grandkids.
If you are a cruise aficionado, a rock n’ roll loving family or just need a vacation where the biggest decision you make all day is whether to have the fish or steak, then Sixthman cruises is for you. In fact, I, your new Media Editor here at Museyon, Jennifer, went on a Sixthman cruise myself last year and while it wasn’t my normal travel scenario (that usually intails barebones pensions and bread and cheese for dinner), I had a fantastic time. I chose to go on the Barenaked Ladies cruise Ships and Dip and would in a heartbeat go back. The concerts each night were fantastic and the programming included great comedians and interesting music panels by the Barenaked management team to choose from not to mention impromptu jam sessions with members from different bands late at night. Plus, having members of comedy troupe Kids in the Hall walk past me on their way to dinner was an experience I’ll never forget. What to keep in mind before taking one of these trips is that there may be bands on board but it is still a cruise and cruisers are a different breed of traveler, a more complacent traveler, one you aren’t likely to meet while backpacking around Europe, but if your obsession with music + travel doesn’t mind the strange company, then all aboard.
Sixthman recently announced their 2011 cruises including Cayamo, a singer-song writer cruise with the Indigo Girls. Find out more bout booking on their website and make sure pick-up our guide to music around the world on Amazon.com before you set sail.

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