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Meet Me in Trollhattan

Film i Vast, Trollhattan, Sweden

Film i Vast, Trollhattan, Sweden

When you’re a Danish director afraid of flying, how do you go on location? Lars von Trier — the controversial director of ‘The Antichrist‘ — has found the answer in the small Swedish city of Trollhatten, just a short train (or a ferry and a car ride) away from his home in Copenhagen.
The city with the strange name is home to Film i Vast, a studio built in 1992 to spur economic development in the city. And it’s where von Trier has shot some of his most famous films — including 2000’s ‘Dancer in the Dark‘. It’s also stood in for the U.S. in the first two installments of his American trilogy, ‘Dogville‘ and ‘Manderlay‘. Visitors to the town — located about 50 miles north of Gothenburg — will be pleased to see that “Trollywood” has its own tourist attraction: a walk of fame, featuring the likes of Nicole Kidman and other stars films shot at the studio.

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image via FxEffekt/Flickr

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