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Introducing: Art + Travel Europe

We promised you big news this Monday, and here it is: Art+Travel Europe is headed to bookstores this March! The next up from Museyon Guides, Art+Travel Europe follows in the footsteps of five famous painters with walking tours of the cities where they lived, loved and labored.
Each day this week we’ll give you a sneak preview of one of the chapters, starting with our man Vincent Van Gogh and his stay in the Provencal town of Arles, France.


Cafe Van Gogh, Arles, France

Cafe Van Gogh, Arles, France

Van Gogh’s time in Arles was one of the most turbulent and productive of his career. And there’s no better place in the world to discover first-hand what inspired the artist. Well, it seems like we’re not the only one with Van Gogh’s Arlesan stay on the mind — this week’s issue of the New Yorker, critic at large Adam Gopnik offers an account of the infamous Christmas Eve incident between Van Gogh and fellow artist Paul Gauguin that left Van Gogh without an ear.
For more on Van Gogh’s turbulent life — and to see where it all happened — pick up Art+Travel Europe, available in bookstores and online March 2010.
Photo of Cafe Van Gogh in Arles, France, © Akira Chiba

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