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Coming Attractions

Picture 2After a disappointing summer, we’re starting to get excited for this fall’s upcoming films. Well before you head to the theater, check out the Daily Beast‘s roundup of the season’s top 25 offerings — from Spike Jonze’s take on Maurice Sendak’s children’s classic ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘ to a remake of ‘Fame‘ to ‘Surrogates,’ the newest sci-fi thriller starring Bruce Willis. Trailers and all! We’re especially looking forward to ‘Extract,’ Mike Judge’s latest riff on office politics, which opens today. The film stars ‘Arrested Development”s Jason Bateman as a good-natured boss surrounded by wacky workers. Seems like there are a lot of reasons to head to the cineplex this fall, so start planning today. Which films are you looking forward to? Which are you planning to skip?

image: The Daily Beast

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