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Around the World…

eclipseIf you’re going to travel, you need to know what’s going on in the world. In today’s news round-up we head to Asia and Oceania to witness some amazing natural phenomena, and examine a strange plan for NYC. 


People in China, India, Nepal, Bhutan and Japan were plunged into darkness yesterday during the longest total solar eclipse of the century, one that clocked in a a full 6.5 minutes. Some celebrated the eclipse, while others urged people, especially pregnant women, to stay inside, out of the eclipse’s “harmful” rays. Your next chance to see one that long? Not ’til, June 13, 2132. Find out more about eclipses at the NASA Eclipse Web Site or see some of the best video of yesterday’s eclipse at the Lede Blog.


New Yorkers have always complained about the hassle of getting to an airport. Now thanks to The Manhattan Airport Project, a new group with a wacky plan, the trip to the airport might get much shorter. [Curbed]


The trip from Australia to New Zealand just got a little bit easier — a  very little bit closer. A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake moved the South Island of New Zealand 30 centimeters closer to its neighbor, New Zealand.

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