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Where the Artists Lived: L.E.S. and East Village

Last week we told you about an exhibition at the New Museum highlighting the artists who came up around New York City’s Bowery in the 1970s and ’80s. If that show left you wanting more secrets from the New York art scene, let’s head to the Lower East Side and East Village to take a look at the artists who lived and worked in these once-gritty neighborhoods. Check out the photos from our very own Art+NYC and see if you can guess who worked where. The answers (and more photos) are available by clicking through to Flickr.

Hint: It’s now a nightclub, but this massive studio once belonged to an artist best known for a very patriotic painting.

Hint: He called it the “Rat Studio,” which may explain why he created so many works outside the studio—right on the city streets.

Hint: The artist who lived here proved that a canvas doesn’t have to be flat—it doesn’t have to hang on the wall, either.

Hint: The artist who lived—and died—in this loft was actually staying in the home of mentor Andy Warhol.

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