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News: Lost Cast Stops by Knitting Factory

  Every Tuesday up until last night, the band Previously on Lost hosted a Lost screening party at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Well last night, they were in for a special treat. Lost cast members Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley) along with producers, Damon and Carlton stopped by to catch the band’s performance. Previously on ... Read More »

Meet Museyon: Alina Simone

On today’s episode of Meet Museyon, let’s say hello — or should that be привет — to Alina Simone. Alina is our guide to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and chanson, the soulful sound that grew from the Russian gulag. She’s also an accomplished singer songwriter. Meet Alina, hear her music and discover her favorite Soviet sounds (with tons of videos), after ... Read More »

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