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Scorsese to LACMA: “I Am Deeply Disturbed”

Last month, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced it would be cutting its Weekend Films series to “pause for re-thinking” and focus on more “artist-created films” starting this November. Well people are speaking out, including famed director Martin Scorsese, who took his case to the LA Times in an open letter to LACMA director Michael Govan. He asks, if ... Read More »

She did WHAT?

Ever see a movie that suddenly — like out of nowhere — turns so crazy that you can’t help but, “say what?!” Well, the producers of the hit horror film ‘Orphan‘ pretty much promised that their twist was bigger than any you’ve ever seen before, and thanks to all the spoilers out there we agree that it’s definitely, well, out ... Read More »

Comic-Con Undercover

Couldn’t make it to Comic-Con this year? Bummer. Didn’t have the guts to brave armies of crazed Twihards? We don’t blame you. Here at Museyon, we were willing to sacrifice one of our own –our founding editor-in-chief, Ms. Anne Ishii. Not only was she able to make the trip (no, that’s not her in the photo), but she lived to ... Read More »

Out of Context Reviews (Harry Potter Edition)

It’s only Friday, but it’s already pretty clear what this weekend’s big box office winner is. Okay, it’s very clear. And guess what? We called it — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This is the film that promises: “Dark Secrets Revealed,” which is probably only half true and only if you haven’t read the book.   If you aren’t ... Read More »

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