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Suicidal Statues, Coco Does Bonnaroo, and 44-Cent Abstract Expressionists

Don’t jump, Mr. Statue! You have so much to be inanimate for! (Gothamist)
One of the world’s most famous insomniacs, Vincent Van Gogh used to sleep on a pillow covered in camphor, which did terrible things for his health and psyche, but must have made for interesting dreams. (The Week)
Kenneth Anger is still out there making movies, ripping on Hollywood, and generally being his evil, old fantastic self. (Guardian UK)
Did you know that MoMA has it’s own font? We wish we did. (C-Monster)
The U.S. Postal Service is releasing a series of abstract-impressionist stamps featuring art from Pollack, Motherwell, and Rothko. Never has art collecting been so cheap or so sticky. (ArtInfo)
Cambodia is currently converting old Khmer Rouge command-and-control sites, including Pol Pot’s home, into tourist attractions for those interested in the history of human rights. (HuffPo)
Conan is playing Bonnaroo. Three cheers for Team Coco! (BoingBoing)
Corey Feldman says that he and the recently deceased Corey Haim were working on a “License to Drive” trilogy. (Cinematical)
Hate sticking out in Paris like a sore American thumb? Here’s 10 touristy things NOT to do in the City of Lights. (Concierge.com)
If you’re to Madrid to check out all the Goya goodness contained in “Art + Travel Europe: Step into the Lives of Five Famous Painters”, here’s an updated list of great hotels in the area. (Gridskipper)

Above: An element of Antony Gormley’s public installation, “Event Horizon”, by James Ewing, courtesy of the Madison Square Park Conservancy.

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