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Nigeria says “No” to ‘District 9’

DIST9_TSR_1SHT_3Homesick aliens aren’t the only problem brewing for the South African sci-fi flick ‘District 9.‘ The acclaimed film has been banned in Nigeria, following a private screening for government officials. The problem? Nigerians are upset to see their countrymen portrayed in the film as “criminals, cannibals and prostitutes who sleep with extra-terrestrial animals,” Dora Akunyili, the country’s information told CNN.


While the latest move might come as a surprise, Nigeria is no stranger to film biz — the West African nation is home to the budding Nollywood film scene, an industry that churns out up to 200 films a month. That’s bigger than Hollywood and second only to India’s Bollywood. 


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For a lighter take on the controversy, see what the “experts”have to say about the ban over at The Onion.

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