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News: NYC Zombie Crawl

Zombie FlyerLooking for something out of the ordinary to do this holiday weekend? Head over to Williamsburg on Sunday to spectate or participate in the fourth annual NYC Zombie Crawl.

The NYC Zombie Crawl is an organization concerned primarily with the rejuvenation of the living dead by means of feasting upon human flesh. While this can be problematic in civilized society, NYC Zombie Crawl attempts to make the zombie experience as genuine as possible through the combination of horrifying SFX make-up and organized zombie events that unite brain-eaters from near and far.
Under the direction of experienced zombie ringleader Doug Sakmann, NYC Zombie Crawl has provided make-up for movie, book and video game releases, national touring acts, film productions, and countless organized events in the NY area including massive zombie crawls through the wild streets of NYC. Sakmann’s team has worked extensively in the business of transforming average humans into the living dead, having provided Zombie make-up for such clients as the Tribeca Film Festival, NYC Comic Con, Sony Pictures and The Today Show on NBC, to name a few.

When there is no more booze in Hell, the Dead will walk the Earth…
It all kicks off Sunday at 3pm at The Charlston, 174 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY
The after begins at 7 p.m. and is free until 8pm, when it turns to $10 a ticket at Knitting Factory Brooklyn 261 Driggs Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

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