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A Curated Guide to Your Obsessions
Edited by Museyon Guides

Touring the World Through Sounds and Scenes.

Searching the globe for good music? Then listen up and look for Museyon Guides’ Music + Travel. With this new guidebook, curated by experts in the industry, you will: travel to Russia and experience the country’s long and inglorious outlaw culture’s sounds of Chanson; head to Buenos Aires to witness the development of Cumbia, from the lavish ’90s to its latest digital incarnation; go “underground” to check out Beijing’s ever-evolving, highly influential Experimental music scene; and get into Berlin’s private clubs that are playing the offspring of Techno. With varying cities and scenes, genres and influences, Music + Travel guides you across an insightful, international stage of sounds that helps you plan where to go and figure out what you don’t want to miss.


Contributors: Mikael Awake (A Walk to Beautiful), Shamik Bag (Rolling Stone), Mel Campbell (J-Mag), Nick Frisch (The Rest is Noise.com), James Hendicott (Bling), Jessica Hundley (Dazed & Confused), Eve Hyman (Time Out Buenos Aires), Alexandra Ivanoff (Time Out Istanbul), Miles Marshall Lewis (Vibe), Peter Margasak (Chicago Reader), Siobhan O’Leary (Publishing Trends), Alina Simone (recording artist)


Trade Paperback
$15.95 ($18.95 CAN)
164 pages, 5 1/4 x 8
Full-Color Throughout
Carton Qty: 36
TRV000000: Travel/General
MUS049000: Music/Genres & Styles/General
September 2009 Release


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