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Melbourne’s Party Protest, The Church of Pizza, and The New Liverpool

links-030210If you wanted to check out Polish artist Miroslaw Balka’s massive “How It Is” installation in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern but can’t make it to London… well… there’s an app for that. (SlamXHype)
10,000 music fans re-enacted AC/DC videos, sang, danced, and generally had a good ol’ time as they choked the streets of Melbourne late last week in protest of a series of liquor laws that would have hurt local live music venues. Apparently, the demonstrations worked as the government said they would “loosen” the laws. (Triple M Music)
Attention foodies, the Michelin Red Guide for 2010 is out with a whole new list of gourmet picks. Then again, if you were a real foodie, you’ve probably been drooling over the list since Sunday. (USAToday)
Get your queasy on—Animal Collective has added an early performance of their music-and-video installation, “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” at the Guggenheim this Thursday. (Brooklyn Vegan)
A trip to today’s new, growing Liverpool means more than just a tour of The Cavern. (Gadling)
This little bit of crowdsourced “Avatar” swag is almost cool, you know, except for the fact that it’s “Avatar” swag. (/Film)
The former center of New York City’s 1980s clubland days, the church that housed The Limelight, may soon be home to a Manhattan offshoot of one of Brooklyn’s best pizza restaurants, Grimaldi’s—which is probably the best thing that could have happened all things considered. (Gothamist)
The Museum of Modern Art does New York City a solid by commissioning five different architectural solutions to save it from global warming. (NYMag)

“How it Is”, Miroslaw Balka, 2010, at The Tate Modern, courtesy of darkzac’s Flickr photostream.

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