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Introducing Museyon: Film + Travel


English words for lazy travelers, and conversely, for intrepid ones, are kinda scary. You ever wonder what other countries call “tourist traps”? How about this whole thing Americans have about “going off the beaten path,” and seeing the “real” (read: unknown) New York, Argentina, Montreal? And while we’re pretty much identical, Canadians are a whole other matter—they want to see the “real” world too (usually backpacking), but make it clear with flag-patches that they don’t want to blend in. Well, I’m all for North and South Americans traveling through the real Americas, but what better way to do that than through fiction? Specifically, through film.

Museyon Guides: Film + Travel is partially an attempt at answering my own questions. Our curators, are all pretty much qualified to teach film classes at colleges, and some of them actually do. Let’s be honest. Museyon is the guide book written by pedants for dilettantes. Own it. Go out there. It’s a small world but it’s filled with secret realities. Find them with us.

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