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Deep Thoughts with Andrew W.K. (Part 2)

AndrewWK2Yesterday we shared with you part one of our conversation with Andrew W.K., where we found out about the secretive business of being W.K. and the new freedom W.K. has found thanks to his brand new record label Skyscraper Music Maker.
Today, we’re back with part two, where we chat with Andrew about his red-hot New York City club and his resolution for a party-filled 2010.

Museyon Guides: We talked about what it means to be Andrew W.K. So much of what you do depends on perception. Is it difficult to let go of that kind of control and let the audience define you?
Andrew W.K.: It certainly felt weird at first, for a long time. I had nothing to compare that to and no way to prepare myself for what it would feel like to have people think things about you … about what you’ve presented them, and then think they were thinking things about you—that’s the big disconnect. People suddenly had all these ideas about who I was and where I had come from and what I had done.
The great thing about Andrew WK, what it is, what it’s focused on is that you just don’t get hung up on things like that. Because this is about having fun.
MG: Joy and fun. Is that something that’s missing from music today?
AWK: I don’t think it’s missing; it’s a fundamental aspect of music, at its core. Even a sad song or an angry song or a song that’s meant to be an emotion different from what we consider happy, there’s still something at the root of the musical experience that is a good feeling, and thank goodness for that. It’s like the physical feeling of feeling your soul.
It’s funny that these things that seem so trivial—a simple melody or an interesting picture or a performance—it’s funny that that could get us thinking about the biggest things in life. When it’s at its best, it does it almost effortlessly.
MG: And your club, Santos’ Party House, is that a vehicle to let people feel these things?
AWK: It’s the physical embodiment of this; it’s the architectural version of this. It’s a physical space where these ideas and these feelings are the whole point. Being able to be part of a project of this magnitude—literally where we built this place from the ground up to serve this type of excitement, to create this type of joy, to be literally a temple of it—that’s as good as it gets, for me.
Opening a new business in New York City is really one of the hardest thing you can do, but to open a 8,000-square-foot, two-floor brand new venue in Manhattan no less. It’s mind-blowing to me that we’ve done it. But it was the city of New York that made it possible. And the city of New York that has made so many of my dreams come true. To be able to now turn around and provide a place that can be that for other people–for the city, and for the world–is a great honor. It’s a great privilege to be able to pay back the city that’s given so much to me.
MG: Holiday season is on. Do you have any party tips?
AWK: Yes. Definitely stay hydrated, because that will give you so much more energy for all the festivities, all the merriment of the holiday season. And also to really let yourself go, because I think that the holidays and certain time of year, we reserve them for having more fun than we feel we’re allowed to normally. I would like to say that this New Year, and this holiday season to really let ourselves go and to let it last all year long. Why set aside just a few days to have the best day of our lives, whatever that is to you? Make that last the whole year and then into next year.
MG: Sounds like a great resolution. Thanks Andrew.
For more on Andrew W.K. visit www.andrewwk.com. And check out his new label, Skyscraper Music Maker, for more info on some of his favorite acts: Aleister X, Bad Brilliance and Cherie Lily.
Photograph by Victoria Stevens via myspace.com/andrewwk

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