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Brooklyn Bound

With the Brooklyn Book Festival right around the corner, we’ve got Kings County on the mind. So let’s head across the East River and check out some of our favorite Brooklyn movie moments…



Moonstruck: A love story set in the Italian-American neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights, Moonstruck features Cher as a proto-cougar with her eyes set on a hunky, and much younger, Nicolas Cage. Check out this awesome fan-made video of the film and its locations, including the Castorini family home at 19 Cranberry St.



Do the Right Thing: Set on the hottest day of the year on a single block of Stuyvesant Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, Spike Lee’s 1989 flick ‘Do the Right Thing‘ became an instant classic. Not only did it introduce the world to Rosie Perez and Martin Lawrence, it got “Fight the Power” stuck firmly in the heads of anyone who watched the movie. After all, the film features the song 15 times.


Saturday Night Fever: It’s still up in the air whether or not ‘Saturday Night Fever‘ was actually based on a true story, but that doesn’t matter — the movie definitely captures a moment in New York history. Shot in the Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge neighborhoods of Brooklyn, the film stars John Travolta as Tony Manero, the quintessential Brooklyn heartthrob (at least for the disco era). 2001 Odyssey may not be the hotspot it once was (in fact, it’s been demolished), but you can still visit some of Manero’s old haunts. So dust off your leisure suit, put on your platforms and take a cha cha lesson at Phillips Dance Studio at 1301 W. 7th St. in Bensonhurst. Once you work up a sweat refuel with a slice at Lenny’s Pizza at 1969 86th St. — that’s it in the film’s famous opening sequence.

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