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News: New Silk Road, London

The British Council Arts initiative entitled, New Silk Road, “aims to use the arts traditions of the region to make these places seem vivid again, and to address negative stereotypes with a creative energy that is independent of politics.” A worthy goal. Set to help the BCA accomplish this are textile designers Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke who “travelled to ... Read More »

2 Days in: Porto, Portugal

As the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, Porto (or “Oporto,” as the English call it) is sometimes lovingly referred to as the capital’s step-sibling, a nickname referring only to its size because though Porto’s beginnings may be humble and the facades decaying, it holds a colorful and gastronomic charm that its Romanesque walls can barely contain… Read More »

Chronicles: NYC’s Hidden Burial Ground

The history of New York City is written in its streets but sometimes, that history is meant to remain covered. This is what construction workers discovered last October during renovations to Washington Square Park that turned-up a disturbing surprise, a tombstone. There is a reason why digging in the park is allowed only to go as deep as three feet ... Read More »

Museyon’s Guide to the Weekend

  Reads: The New York Times gives us a run down of swashbuckling reads that tell true tales of famous art and lost antiquities, perfect for summer beach reading. The best of the lot is The Art Detective: Fakes, Frauds and Finds and the Search for Lost Treasures by London paintings dealer Philip Mould, telling a dozen tales of mislabeled, ... Read More »

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