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An Annual Blizzard of Public Snow Sculpture Hits Sapporo

If you live anywhere near our New York offices, you’re probably getting a little freaked about the current weather reports. Not to worry—just as there are no rainbows without rain, you can’t have snowmen without snow. Worst case scenario, if we can’t make it to the office, we can take to the streets where we’ll put these inspiring looks at the Sapparo Snow Festival in Japan to good use. The annual public snow-art spectacular, which runs this year until Thursday, has become an internationally renowned showcase for those rare craftsmen and women capable of twisting snowdrifts into cute manga characters, wild animals, and even a tribute to the late King of Pop. If you’re anywhere near the norther Hokkaido Island prefecture, it’s worth running up there before the plows clear it all away. If you’re snowed in with us in NYC, however, grab yourself a pair of mittens and start sculpting.

“Snow sculptures at Sapporo Snow Festival 2010” [Pink Tentacle] via Good.
Visit the Sapporo Snow Festival at Odori Park, The Sapporo Community Dome, and Suskino, all in Sapporo, Japan. For more information and images go to www.snowfes.com/english.
Images courtesy of (from top to bottom): 悪さー, Sapporo Snow Festival Website, あくあ, あくあ, Sapporo Snow Festival Website, tmedea_japan.

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