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“The theme of the Tyrannosaurus series is love.”

Author Tatsuya Miyanishi says, “The theme of the Tyrannosaurus series is love. There aren’t as many important things for us as to more often say such beautiful words as ‘I love you.’ The love I write about is something very natural. Here, it’s all about showing that love is far more important that power. I hope you agree!”

Tatsuya Miyanishi

Tatsuya Miyanishi

You Look Yummy! (ISBN 978-1-940842-06-6) highlights the importance of family and the love between father and son by showing that bonds can grow just as strong even in a case of mistaken identity as they do between actual relations—possibly even stronger.

You Are My Best Friend (ISBN 978-1-940842-10-3) is a heartwarming story about friendship. This book features a transformation of the dinosaur from a violent and selfish creature to a kind and caring one through the act of making a friend.

I Want That Love (ISBN 978-1-940842-14-1) tells the story of how a violent strong guy comes to realize the power of love. Miyanishi sends a great message for kids that violence and strength are not the answer.

Try them for one-on-one storytime with children 5 and over!

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