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Tyrannosaurs Series

Book 1: You Look Yummy! The sweet tale about the love between father and son. A long, long time ago, as volcanoes erupt with a great roar and the ground below quakes, a hungry Tyrannosaurus meets a lonely baby Ankylosaurus. As the Tyrannosaurus is about to pounce, the baby cries out, “Daddy!” and grabs onto his leg. In surprise, the ... Read More »


DINOSAURS AND LOVE: TATSUYA MIYANISHI’S FIRST APPEARANCE IN US Tatsuya Miyanishi, acclaimed Japanese author and illustrator visited the US for the first time in October 2017. Miyanishi is the creator of the Tyrannosaurus children’s books, a bestselling series of 13 titles with international sales in excess of 2 million copies. Since 2015 four of the books have been published in ... Read More »

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