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90-Minute Vacations: Movie Locations at This Week’s Box Office

  Not only is this a week without a clear chart-topping blockbuster release, but options for international travel from a comfortable seat at your local multiplex are seriously lacking. True, we’ve got the well-reviewed Iraq movie, “Green Zone”, but we’ve seen enough of Morocco fronting for Mesopotamia for at least a little while (and there’s also the Iraq documentary “Severe ... Read More »

Damon May Shoot To The Top of The List of Actors Playing RFK

  If you haven’t heard the news already, Boston native and Academy-Award winning screenwriter (remember that?) Matt Damon may be headed into production on a biopic of assassinated senator and presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy. Adapted from Evan Thomas’ 2000 biography, “His Life”, the film would be the largest Hollywood production to take on the story of the fallen liberal ... Read More »

Who’s Synth for Sale, Flying Across The Bay, and Welcome to Nollywood

  South African artist Pieter Hugo gives us a somewhat disturbing tour of Nollywood—that’s the Nigerian version of Hollywood for all you Nollywood novices out there. (Vulture)   Turns out that both Matt Damon and Jake Gyllenhaal turned down the lead role in “Avatar”, most likely because they read the script. (SlashFilm)   If you need to get to Oakland ... Read More »

The ‘Informant!’ on Location

Happy humpday! To celebrate making it halfway through the work week, we’re looking ahead to one of this weekend’s hotly anticipated new movies — ‘Informant!‘ The film reunited ‘Ocean’s 11’ (and 12 and 13) director Steven Soderbergh with actor Matt Damon, who stars as the real-life Mark Whitacre, a bipolar whistleblower at one of the world’s largest corporations. When Whitacre ... Read More »

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