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OUT NOW! Music + Travel Worldwide: 12 Cities / 12 Scenes

In Music+Travel Worldwide our expert guides take a musical tour around the globe. Check out our sound sampler before you buy the book…   Jazz Land: Chicago by Peter Margasak Jazz Hometown Hero: Ken Vandermark and the Ken Vandermark 5     Click to hear 11 more… Read More »

A Fictional Scene Becomes Fact

In 2003, Michael Muhammad Knight self-published his novel ‘The Taqwacores,’ the story of a fictional Muslim punk music scene in Rochester, N.Y. He invented the scene, and even its name — the word taqwacore comes from the Islamic concept of taqwá, meaning “god-consciousness,” mashed with the music genre of hardcore. Six years later, the book has been picked up by Soft ... Read More »

When Religion and Culture Collide

What do you do when your passion and your religion are at odds with one another? That’s the question behind the new doc ‘Deen Tight‘ from Mustafa Davis. More and more Muslims living in the West are turning to music, and hip-hop in particular, to express their faith, despite the fact that many traditional Muslims consider music taboo. ‘Deen Tight’ ... Read More »

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