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News: Banksy, England and Tesco

A possible Banksy has been spotted in Sussex, England, in the town of St. Leonards; a baby playing at the beach with the word Tesco (a UK grocery store) on the sandcastles. Banksy was in town over the week for the birthday of fellow graffiti artist Ben Eine, famous for donning shop shutters with large, colorful letters.   The Hastings’ ... Read More »

News: Banksy Hits NYC

Banksy has finally hit NYC on his promotional tour for the film Exit Through the Gift Shop. You might recall that Exit Through the Gift Shop is the new Banksy movie in which the street artist turns the tables on a would-be documentary trying to chronicle his work. Two new Banksy pieces have been spotted, the first at Cedar and ... Read More »

News: Banksy in L.A.

With Banksy’s new film premiering last night in L.A. this week, two new pieces by the renegade artist have popped up in the city. Presumably the work is promotion for the film but in one piece Banksy doesn’t miss the opportunity to take a jab at fellow contemporary artist Jeff Koons.   Park(ing) S Broadway b/t W. Olympic Blvd and ... Read More »

Banksy at Sundance + NYC Graffiti

Every year that Project Runway takes place in New York, there is a challenge where the designers must go out into the streets and take photos to be inspired by and every year at least one of the designers comes back with a stack of photos of graffiti art because “graffiti is so New York.” Despite the cliche, yes, graffiti ... Read More »

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