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’2012′ Destroys the Box Office, the World

It's the end of the world as we know it in Roland Emmerich's '2012'

This weekend, disaster-porn blockbuster ‘2012‘ destroyed the box office. To the tune of $225 million worldwide. And as we picked up last month, the film also manages to destroy some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Check out our play-by-play of the film’s trailer to see what iconic world monuments won’t make it to 2013. If you’ve already seen the ... Read More »

Disaster Movie

Times Square, New York City

Yesterday we had a good laugh at the expense of the cast of ’2012.’ But a look at the film’s official trailer got us thinking … is no landmark safe from Hollywood effects people? Can you spot the ones that get destroyed in ’2012′? Let’s find them…after the jump.   Read More »

Location-less in LA


What happens when your film’s version of going on location is standing front of a green screen? Sure it can look good on the theaters, but in reality there’s not much there. While we’re sure Roland Emmerich’s upcoming ‘2012‘ is going to be a hit — after all, it’s got plenty of floods and explosions and doomsday paranoia — you ... Read More »

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