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Starring LA


Hollywood is the home of the film industry, and the city has had a long and complex life on the screen. Whether the city is glammed up, dressed down, or used as a backlot backdrop, there’s a lot about LA you can learn by watching movies. Inspired by his city’s starring roles, film lover Thom Anderson exhaustively analyzed its relationship with film in his 2003 documentary ‘Los Angeles Plays Itself‘. The film, made up entirely of clips from iconic LA films, looks at the city as seen through the camera. And it’s full of cool factoids about how the movie biz has shaped LA and the surrounding areas (and how movies themselves change the way we view the city). Unfortunately, copyright issues have kept the from being officially released — but if you’re lucky you can catch it at film festivals and screenings. In the clip below, follow Anderson as he explores LA, and find some vacation inspiration of your own.

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