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Spotlight on…La Boule Noire, Paris


La Boule Noire is best known for nightly bringing non-Parisian music to Paris. They have hosted early shows by Metallica, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and Interpol in it’s small 300 person venue, offering an intimate experience with either soon to be huge bands or acts that are already packing halls three times the size of Le Boule Noire in their hometown.
A concert venue is La Boule Noire’s most recent incarnation, having spent time as a dance hall, cinema and cabaret. The walls are covered in 70s style paintings and mirrors which coupled with dark red paint and the sweat pouring down the walls air on packed nights, provides just the right amount of seedy club atmosphere for a great music experience. La Boule Noire is connected to the larger, historic La Cigle theatre.
La Boule Noire
120 Boulevard Rochechouart Paris, France 75018 – +33 1 4925 8175

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