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Polar Bear Postman

By Seigo Kijima

PolarBear_300 Milk the polar bear is the postmaster of the forest. One day he receives a postcard addressed to him.
“PLEASE HELP!” it says.

It is from a red-crowned crane couple whose chick has gone missing.
Milk tells all his forest friends about the missing crane chick and asks for their help in finding the baby. . . . And then one day he receives another postcard addressed to him.
“Please help!” it says.

It is from a red-crowned crane couple who have found a chick.
Polar Bear Postman was inspired by a real polar bear that lives in a zoo in the Hokkaido area of Japan. With other characters based on animals native to Hokkaido, the book is a hopeful story about community, caring, and the power of the mail.

About the Author
Seigo Kijima was born in Kushiro City, Hokkaido, Japan. He started exhibiting his illustrations while still a student at Tokyo Design College. In 2013 he received the Japan Picture Book Awards Readers’ Prize for the first picture book he illustrated. One day Kijima was at the zoo when he saw a polar bear walking on its hind legs. The artist imagined the bear as a postman, and the result is Polar Bear Postman—the first book he both wrote and illustrated.

ISBN 978-1-940842-21-9, US $16.99/CAN $22.99
32 Pages, 26 Beautiful Color Illustrations
Hardcover Picture Book (8 1/4 in x 9 1/2 in)
Written for children ages 5 to 7
Mariko Shii Gharbi (translator), Simone Kaplan (editor)
November, 2017

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