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Scouting ‘Ghostbusters’

Central Park West: "Then" and Now

Central Park West: "Then" and Now

A while back we shared our love for Scouting NY, a blog run by location scout Nick Carr. The scout’s site features photos from every corner of the city, documented as only a professional observer could. Now there’s yet another reason to love the site: New York, You’ve Changed.


The new segment looks at famous film locations then and now. The first film to get the treatment is ‘Ghostbusters,’ the movie that introduced Carr to NYC. In the twopart series, Carr revisits famous locations from the movie, including Tribeca’s Hook & Ladder No. 8 (located at 14 N. Moore St.), and the haunted home of Dana Barrett at 55 Central Park West (pictured above). Comparing the two photos of the building above you may wonder: Why so squat? Turns out that the original CPW skyline was a painting superimposed on footage of the park. That’s just one of the facts about the film you’ll find over at Scouting NY.


To find out more about ‘Ghostbusters’ and other iconic NYC films, pick up Film+Travel: North America, South America from Museyon Guides.


photo: Dana’s apartment at 55 Central Park West as seen by ‘Ghostbusters‘ (1984) and Nick Carr, 2009 via Scouting NY

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