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News: This Summer at the Munch Museum

Midsummer, 1915 - courtesy of The Munch Museum

Midsummer, 1915 – courtesy of The Munch Museum

This summer The Munch Museum in Oslo will be presenting Highlights from the Permanent Collection. On view will of course be the famous The Scream along with Munch’s Madonna and several works not normally found on the museum’s walls.

The young artist is represented by a handful of works from the 1880s. In a separate hall are shown several of the Frieze of Life motifs, such as Vampire, Kiss, and Summer Night. The Voice, from the 1890s. In the following halls works from various periods are exhibited. The large portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche is tied to the artist’s success in the new century but is also related to the existential investigation into the soul. The many faces of eroticism are among the themes mirrored around the dramatic work The Death of Marat. The final halls contain a varied selection of Munch’s later works; landscapes, nudes, portraits, and self-portraits. The exhibition also presents Munch as a graphic artist and shows a wide selection of motifs and techniques.

This summer the museum will also be offering free English language tours of the collection everyday at 1pm in July and August.
The Munch Museum
Tøyengata 53, 0578 Oslo, Norway
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