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News: Sunshine on Leith


The Proclaimer’s seminal album, Sunshine on Leith, which includes the international hit ‘500 Miles,’ was first made into a musical in 2007. The first production, created by the Dundee Repertory Theatre, received acclaimed reviews and is currently being reprised for a third time. The musical’s high accolades and three weeks of sold out shows has sent the cast on the road, with stops in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and Aberdeen. Check out the entire list of dates and where to buy tickets here.
Leading the cast of Sunshine on Leith is Billy Boyd, taking a break from film, to fill the role of Davy. You may recall Boyd as the wee Scottish accented Hobbit, Pippin in Lord of the Rings. The 1988 Proclaimers album is a snapshot of life in the working class neighborhood Leith, in Edinburgh, Scotland. The musical uses the band’s song to portray the highs and lows of Ally and his friend Davy as they return home to Leith from the army.

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