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News: International Controversy at the Louvre


The Louvre may have just put on display more works of art that inspire a little violence as it has just revealed its new exhibition, “Counterpoint, Contemporary Russian Art.” The exhibition includes four pieces by Russian artist Avdei Ter-Oganyan, one of which calls for an attack on the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The works of art are from his controversial series “Radical Abstractionism.”
According to reports from the Moscow Times, Russia’s Ministry of Culture had banned the works from leaving the country, saying that the works “could be seen as calls for a coup d’etat.” One of the works in the series, “Radical Abstractionism, No. 8” asks viewers to “commit an attack on statesman V. V. Putin in order to end his state and political activities,” in an inscription at the bottom of the canvas. The Louvre has declined comment.

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