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News: Another Art Heist!

ParisHeistThis time, south of Paris in Marseille. A Picasso and various other works were stolen from the home of a collector Friday evening in a robbery that wasn’t quite as clever as the Paris heist. The thieves beat the owner of the works in order to make off with the masterpieces.
The Picasso stolen was a lithograph representing a woman’s face that is an authorized copy of another work done wither by Picasso or another artist, which still has significant value. Picassos are the most sought after works by thieves and the most stolen.

The robbery was another in a series in Marseille since December. Thieves stole about 30 paintings, including a work by Picasso, from a private villa in January. A drawing by French impressionist Edgar Degas was stolen from a museum in December.
– Reuters

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