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NBC’s Parks and Recreation goes to London with “Chronicles”


It was out of the blue when the producers of the Emmy-winning Parks and Recreation show on NBC wanted to use our Chronicles of Old London guide for the Season 6 premiere episode, but come to think of it – it makes total sense.
Like all our guides, the London book is both intelligent and looks spectacular on screen!

Most important, however, was that the whole episode was all about travel and fine writing.

The wolverine-wrangling Mayor woman of Mongolia made us chuckle and think of our own affinity for strong Mongolian women. The sight of Xena the Warrior Princess holding a bunch of neon markers in lieu of a wedding bouquet made us nostalgic about that great TV show of the past.

The stunning imagery of the Scottish coastline presented along the fine poetry of Robert Burns made us want to go there immediately.

It’s a great episode where everyone discovers who they are through travel and sharing with others.
“We all should travel more”, says the main character, and we couldn’t agree more.

Watch the full London episode of Parks and Recreation on NBC:

And don’t forget to check out our now-famous Chronicles of Old London.


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