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Museyon’s Guide to the Weekend

Deathly Hallows 
Celebrate: There is one huge reason to celebrate this weekend- Harry Potter. The long awaited Deathly Hallows premieres today, with people lining-up before midnight Thursday to be the first to see the film. This will be the second to last Harry Potter film and is part one of the final book in the series.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 – In this seventh and final installment of the beloved Harry Potter series, Harry faces new troubles; he must collect all of the Horcruxes that the evil Lord Voldemort has left behind. He has no idea where these are and he has to destroy them all, even without the faintest idea how to do so. Part 2 and the final installment of the series is out in July.

Heartless – Jim Sturgess leads this ensemble cast in a British psychological thriller from cult UK director Philip Ridley, who returns to the screen after a 14-year absence. The film follows Jamie Morgan (Sturgess), born with a disfiguring birthmark across his face, which leaves him an outcast in rough East London. While wandering abandoned yards taking photographs, he comes across a gang of thugs and soon discovers that they are something other than human. He then is led into a Faustian deal that will see him become a party to the terrifying chaos around him. The film recently won the Best Independent Film Award at the Toronto After Dark Festival.

Just Kids by Patti Smith – Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe weren’t always famous, but they always thought they would be. They found each other, adrift but determined, on the streets of New York City in the late ’60s and made a pact to keep each other afloat. Lovers first and then friends as Mapplethorpe discovered he was gay, they divided their moeny between art supplies and Coney Island hot dogs. Mapplethorpe was quicker to find his art but Smith was the first to fame. Smith’s memoir of their friendship was the winner of this year’s National Book Award.
Decoded by Jay-Z – A candid memoir detailing the story of a man who was born in a Brooklyn housing project, spent his teen years dealing drugs on the streets of Trenton, New Jersey, and grew up to be one of his generation’s most successful artists and businessmen. But more than that, it is a rare glimpse of the unexpectedly deep meanings behind the rapper’s most recognizable lyrics and it is a moving collection of essays on topics ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the decline of the music industry.

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