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Museyon’s Guide to…The Cairo Film Festival

Cairo Film Fest 

The Cairo International Film Festival has been bringing cinema from around the world to Egypt for the past 34 years. The festival was created when the country was still gleaming from its Golden Age of Film by Egyptian movie critics who after visiting the Berlin Film Festival, thought their city should host a similar event.

The festival takes place from November 30th until December 9th and this year will be honoring the actresses Laila Elwi and Safia El-Emari and cinematographer Ramses Marzouq. This year’s spotlight shines on Turkish cinema. They will screen the best films from the Turkish film industry that were produced in 2009 and 2010. In addition, the festival will be screening a host of past international films that take place in Egypt:
• Caesar and Cleopatra (directed by Gabriel Pascal – England, 1946)
• Cairo Road (directed by David Macdonald – England, 1950)
• Valley of the Kings (directed by Robert Pirosh – USA, 1954)
• The Egyptian (directed by Michael Curtiz – USA, 1954)
• Land Of Pharaohs (directed by Howard Hawks – USA, 1955)
• Giuseppe Venduto Dai Fratelli (directed by Irving Rapper – Italy, 1960)
• Nefertite Regina Del Nilo (directed by Fernando Cerchio – Italy, 1961)
• Cleopatra (directed by Joseph L.Mankiewicz – USA, 1963)
• Pharaoh (directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz – Poland, 1966)
• Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (directed by Seth Holt – England, 1972)
• Death on The Nile (directed by John Guillermin – England, 1978)

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