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Movies Get Mobile

NetflixWe’ve recently come to love seeing red in our mailbox — the signature sign that our latest picks from Netflix have arrived. As much as we like getting movies in the mail, what we really like is those flicks you can watch instantly. No wait, no worry. After all, it may only take a few days to get your movies through the mail, but it’s pretty easy to change your mind, or your mood, in even that short period of time. (Case in point: one Museyon staffer got a dark German saga in the mail the same day she moved ‘Happy Go Lucky‘ to the top of her list. Weeks later, the Fassbinder is still sitting, in envelope, on her kitchen table.)

Well, according to the folks at CNET, it might git a bit easier to watch your favorite films instantly. Netflix — which already allows viewers to access the Watch Instantly feature through Sony HDTVs the Xbox 360 video game consul — is slated to begin offering its services through Nintendo Wii, the iPod Touch and the iPhone. If the iPhone goes well, the service may even expand to Apple TV. This is definitely good news, because as much as we love Netflix, we’re ready to see those movies on the bigger (in comparison to our laptop) screen.

image: Flickr/katiescrapbooklady

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