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Midsummer Movies

Wet_Hot_American_SummerIt’s August already, but here in New York it’s just beginning to feel like summer. And when it’s hot, what’s better than staying inside, in the air conditioning, with a great movie? This summer at Muesyon we’re embracing the heat, and looking back at our favorite summertime flicks. Did yours make the list?

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Dog Day Afternoon (1975)




While it may not have the same summery nostalgia as some of the others on this list, ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ captures the hot, humid and oppressive New York City summer better than any other film. Al Pacino shines and the sweaty, befuddled bank robber in a Brooklyn heist gone wrong. Plus, this is one true story that was made for the movies. No wonder it’s a classic.


Camp Nowhere (1994)



It doesn’t get more early ’90s campy than this campy summer camp flick, which stars Christopher Lloyd as the epitome of the cool counselor. No school, no rules and no adults … isn’t that what summer’s all about? The film was superstar Jessica Alba’s first role, and she’s since gone on to become huge. Now we just have to wonder whatever happened to the film’s breakout heartthrob, Andrew Keegan?


Wet Hot American Summer (2001)






Another summer camp classic, albeit with a more grown-up taste. Set in 1981, it features an all-star cast of indie favorites (Parker Posey et. al), comedy giants (including co-writer Michael Showalter and the cast of MTV’s ‘The State’), and ‘Law & Order: SVU’ star Christopher Meloni in his undeniably greatest role ever. It’s also the film that made girls everywhere fall in love with Paul Rudd. Plus, past prequel buzz has us ready for another summer at Camp Firewood.


My Girl (1991)




This coming-of-age story about summer love in the early 1970s may be a tear-jerker, but it still makes us nostalgic for those innocent summer days. Starring Macaulay Culkin at the peak of his child actor cuteness, and with a soundtrack of Golden Oldies, this is one we come back to year after year. We dare you to try to get through it without crying.

Stand By Me (1986)



The ultimate summer buddy flick. With Wil Wheaton (Gordie), River Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Jerry O’Connell — this film is as ’80s as it gets (there’s even a role for John Cusack). It borders on sugary-sweet, but thiscoming-of-age adventure set over a 1950s Labor Day, makes us wish for those seemingly endless summer days of childhood.

image: copyright USA Films

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