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Made in Jamaica

Bunny Wailer

Bunny Wailer

The sounds of reggae are synonymous with Jamaica — from the laid-back beats of Jimmy Cliff to Bob Marley‘s socially conscious lyrics. It’s Jamaica’s blues, a sound both built on pain and hope. But how has this island nation of 3 million made such a mark on the world stage? That’s what filmmaker Jérome Laperrousaz set out to find out with his 2006 film ‘Made in Jamaica.‘ Shot on location in Kingston, the birthplace of the sound, and featuring reggae all-stars (Bunny WailerGregory Isaacs and Third World) and next-generation talent (Lady Saw, Shiah Coore), the movie explores the history of reggae from its roots to its modern-day offshoots, dancehall and ragga, while tackling some of the major issues addressed by reggae music — violence, politics, religion and gender.

Watch the trailer, and find out where you can see the film, after the jump…





If you’re in New York, you can catch the film this Friday and Saturday at midnight, when it screens at the Sunshine Cinema. While you’re there look out for the Museyon Display, where you can pick up our guides to Film+Travel to go along with your popcorn. 

image courtesy of Made in Jamaica

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