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Kuma-Kuma Chan Reviewed

KUMA-KUMA REVIEWED_4Kuma-Kuma 24-25Kuma-Kuma Chan, The Little Bear has received great reviews in the media. Kuma-Kuma Chan’s simple lifestyle, as he daydreams, takes a nap, gazes at his nail clippings, listens to the rain, and writes a long letter to a friend evokes something that is missing in our modern way of life and should be something to talk about with our children. Experience Kuma-Kuma’s simple and serene world with your children!

“This is the antidote for your overscheduled, hurried and harried child.”
—Julie Danielson, Kirkus Reviews          Read full review.

“… invites parents and children to dive deeper and create their own dialogue and inquisitions.”
—Heather Wilson Tomoyasu, JQ Magazine          Read full review.

“Use this story as a discussion starter on how we could live and benefit from, at least periodically, a less complicated life like Kuma-Kuma Chan’s.”
—Dornel Cerro, goodreadswithronna.com          Read full review.

“The illustrations are soft and childlike, beautifully mirroring the quiet, meditative tone of the book.”
—Donna McKinnon, 32pages.ca          Read full review.

“Originally written for children ages 3 to 5, Takahashi’s adorable illustrations will surely capture kids’ hearts, but they appeal to people all ages, parents and collectors of illustrated books.”
chopsticksny.com          Read full review.

“He also clips his little nails and stares at the clippings which my 3 year old finds hysterical.”
—Natasha Gross, littlebabebigcity.com          Read full review.

Kuma-Kuma Chan at MoMA Shop

Kuma-Kuma Chan at MoMA Shop


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