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Holiday Reads from Museyon

“We deliver to you stories of hope and graciousness during this dark year.”

1. Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World (ISBN 978-1-940842-45-5, Yutaka Kobayashi, picture book, 40 pages, $17.99)

Return to the Most Beautiful Village in the World has just arrived!
Kobayashi’s vivid and colorful illustrations, together with detailed descriptions, effectively convey the Afghan nature, people and way of life. The acclaimed third and final title from the Yamo’s Village series concludes with a sense of hope and possibility.

A moving book about kindness, friendship, and hope in the context of conflict and displacement.” —Kirkus starred review!

2. I Will Never Forget You (ISBN 978-1-940842-44-8, Tatsuya Miyanishi, Picture book, 40 pages, $17.99)

As always, Miyanishi makes you both laugh and cry
What could be worse for a small Spinosaurus than being stranded on a tiny island with a hungry Tyrannosaurus? Beloved Tyrannosaurus series, book 7—I Will Never Forget You—shows that caring about others is rewarding for you too. Read aloud, story time fun, ROAAAARRR!!! 

The Tyrannosaurus’ response to Wimpy and subsequent behavior demonstrate how encouraging and powerful positive words can be.”—Kirkus Reviews

3. Lust, Lies and Monarchy: The Secret Behind Britain’s Royal Portraits (ISBN 978-1-940842-28-8, Stephen Millar, Art/History, full color 268 pages, $19.95)

A shocking and highly interesting art history read
Lust, Lies and Monarchy is a glamorous, full-color book that unveils the little-known stories behind Britain’s royal portraits. Learn about court intrigues, family feuds, private affairs and public divorces. This book includes family trees and a timeline, and features four Royal London Walking Tours with maps. 

There has been a lot of books written about royal history, and it is rare to find a new perspective.”—An Historian About Town

4. The Wall: The Refugees’ Path to a New Republic  (ISBN 978-1-940842-46-2, Ted Takashima, Action/Political Thriller, 320 pages, $15.95)

A new president, a new America, and a well-timed political thriller
Sweeping from the US–Mexico border to the White House, a secret War Room in the Nevada desert and a Central American dictatorship, The Wall—Ted Takashima’s political thriller and action-adventure novel—redefines nation-building for the 21st century.

A well-timed political thriller that has much to say about nation-building and the global refugee crisis.” —BestThrillers.com 

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